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Zachary Danger | Toccoa GA Newborn Photographer

Posted on Sep 12, 2013

Bianca Hubble is a Toccoa GA Newborn Photographer. Bianca has two newborn studios which are located in Toccoa, GA, and Flowery Branch, GA. Her newborn photography is sought out from clients near and far. Find out more: Travel Information, Meet Bianca.

Zachary Danger… yep you read correctly… Danger!! When I asked Jackie where did Danger come from; she replied “My middle name is Danger”!! LOVE IT!! This sweet family has a special place in my heart. We have been friends for several years. In fact, Zachary’s daddy is a fellow photographer.. wedding photographer that is. I’m excited to introduce to you Zachary! He did AMAZING! Jackie was so worried that he would wake up immeditately, but nope!! He slept amazingly!! Congrats my friends!! It was an honor!

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