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Will | Royston GA Newborn Photographer

Posted on Nov 5, 2013

Bianca Hubble is a Royston GA Newborn Photographer. Bianca has two newborn studios which are located in Toccoa, GA, and Flowery Branch, GA. Her newborn photography is sought out from clients near and far. Find out more: Travel Information, Meet Bianca.

Will is a miracle baby! I was so excited when mommy called to let me know that he had returned home from the hospital. 19 days old and this was his 2nd day home from the NICU. He was incredible!! He has an incredible story and who to tell it better than his mommy… so words from his beautiful mommy:

“Will is already such a strong little boy and the proof that prayer works. He sent his parents for their first ambulance ride only 7 days after being born. Part of Will’s large intestines had lost blood flow and ruptured, spilling their contents out into his abdomen. Will was rushed to Scottish Rite in Atlanta for emergency surgery. The doctors were able to remove the damaged part of the colon and give him a colostomy. He will go back in December for the second surgery to reconnect the two parts of his large intestine. The doctors were amazed by his quick progress and expect in a few months this will all just be a bad memory. After 2 weeks in the NICU, everyone was excited to finally get this little boy into the studio. God truly has his arms around Will and has already blessed this family with so much.”

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