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It’s Too Soon To Be an Embarrassing Mommy

Posted on Jan 5, 2015

Article thoughtfully provided by author, Crystal Matthews.

My daughter is six.

Let me repeat that. My daughter is six. Only six. At this carefree and innocent age, it should be extremely fun to literally skip across the parking lot with Mommy. It should be exciting to roll down the car windows and sing as loud as we can. Right? Right. And there should be no problem with striking up random conversations with other women in public restrooms. I mean, that’s practically normal. Granted, laughing so hard in the middle of Ingle’s that you almost pee yourself may not be as normal, it still should not be a life-altering embarrassment to your SIX YEAR OLD.

But alas, this has become the tragedy of my heart. I am no longer raising an adorable baby who just naturally goes with the flow of her mildly-crazy Mommy. No, the precious baby who once giggled at Mommy’s antics, and occasionally joined in, has become a “real person”.

And might I just say, it’s utterly ridiculous. I’m not a fan. Not even a little bit. Now, I’m not referring to the part about her becoming her own person. That part is endearing and often hilarious.  It’s the altered reaction to her Mommy which rattles my cage. Don’t get me wrong; I knew the day would come when my angel baby would look at me with a face-full of embarrassment. Oh, I definitely knew the day would come. After all, it’s no secret that my daughter’s Mommy is a little…eccentric.

But six? Really? I thought I’d have until she was at least eleven or twelve before I heard those show-stopping words, “Mom, you’re kind of embarrassing.” And what’s with calling me “Mom”? Seriously? Who is this “mom” character to whom she is referring? I mean, I call my mom “Mom”. But, I’m a stinking grown-up!

Before we go any further, let me clarify. My six year-old’s innocence is very much intact. She has the sweetest heart of anyone I’ve ever known, and she finds genuine joy in simple things. She is an amazing little girl and I’m deeply proud of her. It’s just that the bubble which used to exist around her and her Mommy has burst. She is now very aware of other people and is highly sensitive to their perception. Some may venture to say that this is a positive development of social skills. Some may also venture to say that it’s silly of me to be bothered by this development. For the record, I’m not convinced of the credentials of those “some” to be handing out such advice or expertise.

Therefore, let’s get the facts straight. It’s partially for her sake that I’m concerned. Partially. Mostly for me, I admit. The way I see it, there are a lot of years left between now and when she “flies the coop”. This means that there are many opportunities for embarrassment ahead. Okay, let’s be real, there are many definite moments of embarrassment ahead.

Oh dear. I shudder to think on it.

So, social skill development is not on the forefronts of my mind when my sweet little six year-old looks at me straight in my eyeballs with an expression of humiliation and says, “Mom, you’re kind of embarrassing.”

No, I’m considering how some really cute and fun memories may be forfeited because it might be…embarrassing. Bleh! And just so you know, I completely blame other kids for this. You know, “other kids”. I mean, my darling dear was perfectly content with life as it was just a few days ago it seems. And then BOOM!

For now, however, ‘Embarrassing Mom’ only exists in public. Home remains to be a safe place of freedom. Mommy’s quirks are fun and funny in our private sanctuary.  And Mommy’s six year-old explores her imagination to its fullest, unhindered by the social pressures of what someone else may think. In our world, we make up silly songs and dance unbridled to our own tunes. We pose for goofy pictures and laugh carefree, as loud as we want.  We make up far-fetched stories and talk using ridiculous voices.  ‘Embarrassing Mom’ does not yet cross the threshold of home.

Not yet. “Yet”.


What’s a Mommy to do? I could be considerate of her developing social skills (blah blah blah), and have regard for her potential embarrassment in any given scenario, and therefore, walk around on pins and needles in effort to avoid all likely occurrences.

I guess I could that.

But, I know me.

I’m not going to do that.

And all I can say is, buckle up sunshine, this is the Mommy whom God gave you; He must’ve thought you could handle it…or He really enjoys seeing those sweet cheeks of yours light up red!  Cheers, to the years to come!

Any other ‘Embarrassing Mommies’….I mean, ‘Moms’ out there??

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  1. I love this. ♡♡ I feel your pain.

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