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I Will Not Eat the Two Left-Over Chocolate Chip Cookies From Pizza Hut…..

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

Article thoughtfully provided by author, Crystal Matthews.

Here’s the deal. Feeding healthy yet yummy meals to my family (and myself!) is very important to me. I love to cook; I love to invent new dishes; I love to see my family enjoy the food I prepare for them; I love to know that the food they are enjoying is also good for them. Having said that, I must now admit that there is a weakness which I possess: sweets.

Now, I would consider myself to be a person of valiant self-control. I would furthermore consider myself to be a person of strong will, or determination, if you prefer that term. This is coming from the girl who “willed” herself to eat—and eventually enjoy—bananas because her eight-month old could not finish a full one and wasting was not an option. And this is the same girl who “willed” herself to make tomatoes (a food she previously loathed) one of her favorite foods because they were a smart and healthy addition to all meals. Who does that?!

I mean, I know what you’re thinking, this is a super-power! Control and “determination” at this level should offer expandable possibilities of success and satisfaction! And I would agree; it should.

It should.

However, God needed to keep me humble, so He, in His divine wisdom, formatted a clever limit to this super-power. In fact, the kink in my perfect chain is so clever that it has taken me years, years I tell you, to recognize and label. Ready for the unveiling?

It’s my own brain.

Honey, I wish I were joking. But, it’s true. My own brain plots against me. The same brain which empowers me to refrain is also the same brain which leads me astray. It meticulously and carefully sets me up for failure. Let’s use the events from last night to today as an example. Last night, following the Christmas program at my daughter’s school, we met together with some friends at Pizza Hut. Now, Pizza Hut in itself presents all kinds of obstacles to a healthy eating plan. But I determined years ago that a treat every now and again was a mentally good choice… and it helps to maintain balance. However, for the record, I would not have chosen Pizza Hut.

It was not because I feared gorging myself on pizza that I would have chosen a different restaurant. I ate a salad. Self. Control.

But you see, Pizza Hut makes an 8” chocolate chip cookie “pizza”…. Oh my. And as previously stated, I have a certain weakness for sweets. I had a salad for dinner. A salad. All vegetables and minimal dressing. Therefore, placing an order for that indulgent treat was a given. In fact, my mind went straight to that cookie the very second my friends decided upon Pizza Hut for dinner. Seriously.

And it was wonderful…warm and gooey. Oh that delicious chocolate. I am almost salivating now just thinking about it.

You may be surprised, but I did share a couple of pieces with the folks sitting next to me. And after all was said and done, there were two pieces left to bring home. The wise thing to have done would have been to send them home with someone else. *Clearing throat*. They’re in my refrigerator.

Alas, my super power is made powerless by the reasoning of my own analytical brain. I do not need to walk into my kitchen, grab the cookies out of my refrigerator, warm them in the microwave for 20 seconds, and slowly devour every crumb. I do not NEED to do this. But my brain says, “Crystal, eat the cookies…just have water, not milk, to drink afterward: balance your calorie/fat intake.”

I know, I know, I know. There’s a difference between good fats and bad fats. I know. But my brain is so convincing in its argument of balance. So convincing. It feels right. And I did walk 6 miles this morning…in the cold. Surely, two little pieces of cookie will not completely undo my walk?!? That’s part of balancing, right? It’s not like I eat cookies every day…

Chime in here, guys! Tell me I’m not the only one who debates these scenarios of weakness. Better yet, tell me that my brain is ‘spot on’ in its method of determining balance and that eating those cookies is the EXACT same thing you would do. Yes, tell me that.

*Wink wink*.

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  1. Definitely not alone sister

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