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How I Pose Newborns | Part 1 | Newborn Mentoring Photographer

Posted on Oct 15, 2014

Bianca Hubble is a Newborn Mentoring Photographer. Bianca has two newborn studios which are located in Toccoa, GA, and Flowery Branch, GA. Her newborn photography is sought out from clients near and far. Find out more: Travel Information, Meet Bianca.

(Download High-Res)

(Download High-Res)

If you have ever wondered how it is possible to create a surface that perfectly conforms to your desired pose for Baby and at the same time allows the backdrop to be completely smooth, then you are in luck!

During a newborn session, you have only a short window of time to do all of the poses that you want and you need your equipment to be fast and efficient. When I realized that the methods I used to create a posing surface did not meet all of my needs, I decided it was time to find the solution. Unfortunately, I never found the ideal posing pillow for my criteria:

  • Abrupt rise smoothly transitioned out in a natural shape
  • Quick and easy to work with
  • Adaptable to many use scenarios

So, after much original thought, I developed my own posing pillow system that helps to pose Baby in the positions that I want quickly and with smooth transitions.

I have found that in person 1:1 training is the BEST way to transform your newborn photography business to a whole new level… However, if that is not feasible for you, at least now you have the resource for creating the ideal posing surface for many different newborn photos.

Now… take a closer look at the photos at the top…they are straight out of camera! If you are desperate to improve your results and to reduce your editing time, then creating the ideal posing surface will go along ways towards that goal. If you would like to examine the full resolution images, feel free to download them.

Learn More

See a large picture of the posing pillow: Click Learn more and look for the expandable heading: What does the posing pillow look like?

Learn More and See a picture of the posing pillow

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Inexpensive shipping is provided for most countries.

Learn more to see the purchase options.


  1. Do you ship to uk??

    • Absolutely! It should be around $5-$6 USD

  2. If ordered today when will it be delivered to Winnipeg Mb I am interested in one beanbag and what are the dimensions? Do you have a picture?

    • Hi Cindy, when it is available to order, it will ship the same day. You will receive a tracking number to follow the steps along the way 🙂

      Lastly, I also want to make sure that you clicked the learn more link to see more in-use pictures and a photo of the posing pillow. This posing pillow is used in conjunction with something along the lines of an ottoman style bean-bag.

  3. Hello.
    I am just curious if you post to Australia. SA, Adelaide & what the postage costs are.
    I am VERY interested in purchasing the pillow & tutorial also. […]

    Kind Regards, Cassie

    • Absolutely! It is around $6USD

  4. Hi how do I purchase the pillow and tutorial?

  5. Do you ship to Turkey?

    • Absolutely. It is $7 USD. Thanks!

  6. Would you be able to ship to namibia?

    • Yes, no problem!

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