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4 Ways to help get your Facebook audience back | Newborn Mentoring Photographer

Posted on Nov 13, 2014

Bianca Hubble is a Newborn Mentoring Photographer. Bianca has three newborn studios which are located in Toccoa, GA, Flowery Branch, GA and Athens, GA. Her newborn photography is sought out from clients near and far. Find out more: Travel Information, .

If you have noticed that your Facebook audience is slipping away, it is time to identify what is causing that and begin to counteract it.

When you look at your Facebook news feed, in depth, you might start to notice that Facebook is paying attention to how you interact with content and adapts so that your news feed will constantly be more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. That doesn’t mean that it always gets it right, nevertheless, that is what it is trying to accomplish.

Lets switch positions and begin to look at it from the perspective of a business owner. If I post content that no one or few people are interested in, Facebook will recognize that and proceed accordingly. A position in the Facebook news feed is a valuable and increasingly rare due to the ever increasing amount of Facebook pages that people “like”. Facebook will trial your content on a small subset of your fans to gauge the response. If the response is positive, the content will continue to go out to more of your fans. If there is no response, it will stop there. In this way, the best content will be seen by the most people and the worst content will be seen by the least amount of people. Facebook also remembers the level of past interaction your posts have had with each of your fans and will take that into account when deciding to deliver content to that particular fan.

The important lessons from all of that are two-fold:

The amount of people that see your content is based on the merits of that specific piece of content and based on your track-record of previous content.

Here are some simple steps to start getting your content back on the right track:

(Please, remember to only compare apples to apples when evaluating these types of things. EX: compare various pieces of content that are on your Facebook page and do not compare a piece of content on your page against a piece of content on someone else’s page)

Notice what is working and try and do more of that

If you are a newborn photographer, what type of content do you think will get the most likes and comments? In my experience, it is a single photo. When you receive more likes on one piece of content vs. another, you can see that you are feeding into what your fans want to see instead of working against it.

When you ignore the signals that you are receiving and continue posting content that your fans are not interested in, your reach will continue to fade away.

Keep your content on-topic

Your Facebook fans became your fans for a specific reason. If your fans liked your newborn photography page because they like your newborn photography, they won’t necessarily be interested in race cars. If you want to mix your personal life or cross over to another topic, that can still work if you tie it in somehow.

Notice what isn’t working and avoid or use more sparingly

Nothing kills the like parade quicker than when you start sharing links, spouting off sales jargon, making statements that are unappreciative or hateful, bragging, etc. Obviously there are other things that don’t work well other than what I just listed. Be sure to pay attention and take note. Some types of content should be completely eliminated… and others should be used in a more cautions and calculated way. EX: sharing links and information about promotions can be very valuable in terms of outcomes that are not related to Facebook…but they will tend to have a negative impact on the amount of fans you can reach. Therefore, my suggestion is eliminate what you can and use the rest in a calculated fashion. Here are some example of things that you might want to say but tend to not be well-liked:

Example 1

Spots Left: January: 0 February: 1 March: 1

What to do instead: evaluate if that statement really needs to be made, and if it does, consider making it a secondary focus

Example 2

Sharing links is automatically penalized because Facebook does not want users to leave Facebook and Facebook users can never be sure if they can trust an external link.

What to do instead: If a link really needs to be shared, use the link in the content of the Facebook post, delete the link preview and upload an image instead. Clicking the image will not take someone directly to the link. If they want to go to the link, they still can but the post will not be penalized as much.

Example 3

I don’t want to offend anyone, so I’m not going to try and recreate any of the cocky statements that I commonly see. If you want someone to celebrate with you in your success, the best place for that is on your personal Facebook page… If you must post something on your business page, try to make it a couple notches more tasteful AND make it the secondary focus of your content.

Example 4

Here again, I don’t want to offend anyone, but even if you are not feeling grateful at a particular moment, maybe try to take some quiet time to figure out how you can be grateful or make personal changes so that you can have a greater sense of appreciation and satisfaction. Do not let your self worth come from others and do not complain on your Facebook page!

Pay attention to how you get your fans.

Please make sure that the way you are getting fans will equate to a fan that is interested in what your page will be about on a day-to-day basis. If you have uninterested fans, that will limit the amount of reach that you have. Imagine the impact it will have when you create a Facebook post and it slowly begins to go out to a small portion of your fans. If none of your fans are interested, that is where it will stop.

If you have ever been tempted to have some kind of unrelated gimmick contest to raise awareness of your Facebook page, you might want to reconsider. The fans that you get, might not be the fans that you want, and they could be doing more harm then good. If you must run a contest, be sure to carefully design the contest so that the fans that you will gain will be interested in what your page is about.

If you have thought about buying fake likes, it is easy to see how that would be extremely detrimental for you.

Have you ever seen a page that has thousands of likes but a post has little to no engagement? That is a sign that in some way or another the fans that they have (real or fake) are not interested in what is going on on their Facebook page.

Advance Strategies for using Facebook to find new customers

I offer 1:1 Newborn Photography mentoring. During the experience I will teach posing, lighting, session flow, editing, editing workflow, and marketing. I’m also available as an ongoing resource for those that I mentor so that we can dive in deeper to topics such as marketing over time.

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