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Innovative Products and E-Workshops for Newborn Photographers

Innovative Products and Training for Newborn Photographers

Newborn Cloud Ring

Check out our release announcement at

Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow

Contour for modern professional newborn photographers just got much easier and faster…Read More

Photography by Axsys Design Posing Pillow

…commonly referred to as Posing Beans.

Large Rectangular Newborn Posing Bean Bag with Rigid Front Wall

A larger surface helps your backdrops lay better, is more convenient for posing multiples, and reduces editing time. The rigid front wall resists the edge of your bean bag from collapsing… Read More


Photoshop Newborn Actions

For the first time, my complete line of newborn actions is publicly available to purchase piece by piece or as a complete set. Video demonstration is included with each action…Read More