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Rectangular Newborn Posing Bean Bag with Rigid Front Wall

Rectangular Newborn Posing Bean Bag with Rigid Front Wall

Extra Wide Posing Surface

A massively wide posing surface of approximately 47.25 inches (120 cm) makes posing newborn multiples a breeze. Your backdrops will also lay more consistently for the width of your image which means less post production work and more pleasant lighting fall-off.

Rigid Front Wall

A rigid front wall is integrated directly into the front edge for the newborn posing surface. The rigid front wall resists collapse which is a common challenge while working with newborn posing bean bags–especially larger sized bean bags.

Training Material

Learning how to set up your bean bag and backdrops for optimal results can be a time consuming and confusing process. If you would like to take all the question marks out of the equation so that you will know exactly how to set everything up for optimal results and with the ability to work well with posing contour, consider the purchase option that includes training. You will also receive an advanced filling comparison guide so that you can make an educated decision on which filling to use for your bean bag!

In-Use Picture

What is the rigid front wall for!?

I have been working behind the scenes for a long time to design a posing bean bag that would address some of my major concerns with the conventional newborn posing bean bags that are currently available. My goal was to maintain the mold-ability of a bean bag so that I can make surface depressions but to have a posing surface that is much firmer. Firmer means that you have much more control over how you shape your bean bag and it means that it is much safer and more predictable.

I was willing to go to any lengths to design the best posing surface… so much so that I even made a prototype bean bag that had variable firmness from easily mold-able to locked in place by the turn of a dial. The problem was that it was not commercially viable for several reasons. With that design, I had a gold standard to aim for.

Eventually, I came up with the idea of a rigid front wall. It instantly alleviated my safety concerns with a standard newborn posing bean bag by preventing the front edge from collapsing. The rigid front edge also gives more usable height because the sides do not bulge out as much as they otherwise would.

I also experimented with a lot of different filling options from standard to unlikely to narrow down exactly which one I like best to get the firmest surface while still maintaining mold-ability.

The end result is a bean bag that is a dream to use for newborn posing instead of a necessary frustration.

Learn more about the training material

Posing Bean Bag with Training

The video training will show you exactly how to set up your bean bag and backdrop to achieve optimal results. You will also see how to use posing contour while working with your posing bean bag and backdrops!

If you feel like your bean bag and backdrop set up is less than ideal, the training will put you off on an absolutely amazing start. If you are a serious pro with no complaints about the way you are doing it, then the small additional cost can still be very beneficial to gain insights into other ways of doing things.

A filling comparison guide will be included so that you can make the most educated decision on the filling that you decide to use.

Posing Bean Bag with no Training

A simple filling guide will be included that will explain the volume of filling material that is needed and how to fill your bean bag.

Does it include filling?

The Rectangular Posing Bean Bag with Rigid Front Wall will be mailed to you unfilled. This allows me to ship world wide economically.

Styrofoam filling such as Styrofoam bean bag filling is used to fill the Posing Bean Bag. Filling instructions will be included with your purchase.

Volume of Filling Materials

12 cubic ft (340 liters) of filling is recommended as a starting point. Slightly less or slightly more may be needed depending on how full you like your bean bag and how much the filling settles.


The following dimensions are the distance from one seam to the next.

Height: 12.25 Inches (31.12 cm) Depth: 35 Inches (88.9 cm) Width: 47.25 Inches (120.02cm)

Volume of Filling Materials

12 cubic ft (340 liters) of filling is recommended as a starting point. Slightly less or slightly more may be needed depending on how full you like your bean bag and how much the filling settles.

Shipping from the United States is provided for most countries.

When available to order, your newborn posing bean bag will generally ship within 2 days from the United States. The checkout is handled through PayPal and you will receive an exact shipping quote during the checkout process. We commonly ship to and greatly appreciate orders from many countries around the world.

When necessary, PayPal will handle currency conversion or let your credit card company handle the currency conversion.

If you are ordering from outside of the United States, please be aware the duties and taxes may be collected separately depending on the rules in your country.


Alicia Bass Alicia Arlene Photography
(September 3, 2015) I absolutely LOVE using my rectangular beanbag with the ridged front wall. Whenever I get the chance I recommend it to every photographer I meet because I couldn’t be more pleased with it. The size of the beanbag helps me feel more secure and safe when posing my newborns, which is a VERY important part of newborn photography. The space on top of the beanbag is able to comfortably accommodate multiples, I often work with twins and thus far it has not disappointed. I know that when I eventually do get triplets in the studio the beanbag will be perfect! An issue I always ran into when posing with a circular beanbag was how the sides curved and “dropped off”. I also found it harder to make sure the fabric didn’t crinkle because I had to work with the curve. With the rectangular bag I am able to get my fabric smooth because the bag reaches all the way to where I clip my fabric. One of the features on this bag that makes it truly unique is the ridged front wall; along with the size of the beanbag I have found the ridged front wall helps me to feel safer when I am working with babies. I can tell where the edge of the beanbag is; it is strong enough I can lean on my elbows while posing with out causing the bag to sag.

When choosing my beanbag I opted to go with the lower height at Bianca’s suggestion and I am very glad I did! When I had a taller bag I found myself kneeling a huge majority of the shoot because that was the level the baby was at. With the lower beanbag I kneel when I need to, whether it be posing or trying to get a certain angle. But now the majority of the time I sit because that is what level baby is at which has helped my knees immensely.

It has been 8 months since I made my first purchase from Axsys Design and I am not sorry in the least. Not only are Bianca’s products remarkable and have revolutionized how I photograph newborns but her customer service is hard to beat. If I ever have a question Bianca gets back to me right away, I have loved working with her thus far and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future! –



Melissa Bradbury M Bradbury Photography
(June 11, 2015):I just love the products from Axsys Design! I own the newborn Cloud poser and the Axsys rigid front beanbag. They are both essential tools for my newborn sessions. I use the Cloud poser on almost every single beanbag pose I do. It’s such a time saver. My newborn beanbag from Axsys is so nice and wide, I always have plenty of space (even with multiples). And the rigid front is GENIUS! I don’t have to worry about the front dipping down during my sessions any longer. Bianca, thank you thank you!!! –

M. Bradbury Photography using the Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow and a custom Newborn Cloud Rectangular Bean Bag with Rigid Ftont Wall

Design your Custom Posing Bean Bag

Custom orders will typically ship in 1-2 business days.

Rigid Front Wall
Integrated Side Backdrop Restraint

Purchase Rectangular Bean Bag with Rigid Front Wall with Training

$239 USD

Purchase Rectangular Bean Bag with Rigid Front Wall with Training on setting up your bean-bag, backdrop training, integrating posing contour training, and an advanced filling comparison guide that will help you select the ideal filling for your needs (training is recommended in order to gain the full benefit from your setup)

Purchase Rectangular Bean Bag with Rigid Front Wall with no Training

$159 USD

Purchase posing bean bag with no training. Simple filling instructions will be included. This option is best for those that have already purchased the Photography by Axsys Design Posing Pillow with Crucial Training.

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If you choose to purchase the Rectangular Posing Bean Bag with Rigid Front Wall, you agree not to attempt to copy the design. If you purchase digital training, you agree not to share the training materials with anyone else.

Special Notes

  • Recommended Styrofoam filling, is sold separately
  • Limit of 1 per customer while supplies last