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New Limited Trade-Up Promotion

New Limited Trade-Up Promotion

The foundation for any great newborn photograph on the bean bag is excellent posing contour that integrates well with your desired pose. Maybe you already have purchased some type of posing contour only to find out that it doesn’t really meet your needs or work as expected.

As a modern professional newborn photographer, having the right contour and knowing how to use can instantly take your work to the next level.

For a limited time, I want to help you trade-up your old posing pillow for something new and instructions on how to set up your beanbag and backdrop to gain the best results possible quickly and efficiently.

Trade-Up Program: 10 Slots

Trade-Up Incentive

You will receive a refund of $25 or the purchase price of your old posing contour (whichever is less) upon mailing your old posing contour to me with the purchase receipt.

Please read below for details of the posing pillow, training, in-use pictures, and a picture of the posing pillow!

(Download High-Res)

The foundation for any great newborn photograph on the bean bag is excellent posing contour that integrates well with your desired pose.

If you have ever tried using some of the posing pillows that are commonly seen online that are shaped like a wedge or like a standard pillow, you will quickly become frustrated as you attemp to create a surface that perfectly conforms to your desired pose for Baby and at the same time allows the backdrop to be completely smooth.

While you are in the midst of a newborn photography session, you have only a short window of time to do all of the poses that you want and you need your equipment to be fast and efficient. It was easy to see the need for a posing pillow that catered specifically to the needs of modern professional newborn photographers.

So, after much original thought, I developed my own posing pillow that helps to pose Baby in the positions that I want quickly and with smooth transitions and that met all of my criteria as a professional newborn photographer:

  • Abrupt rise smoothly transitioned out in a natural shape
  • Quick and easy to work with
  • Adaptable to many use scenarios

Even if you are experienced with the time-consuming process of creating posing contour yourself using a variety of commodity items, you will greatly benefit from the speed, consistency, and safety of using the professional newborn photography posing pillow that I painstakingly developed.

Luciene Pestana Photographer
(January 4, 2015): I really love my pillow!!! And I highly recommend it for all the newborn photographers who, like me, were struggling to get the right poses on the bean bag. I use this pillow for all of my posing and it totally helped with my transition flow. Thank you, Bianca!!

The versatility of the posing pillow is unrivaled… I use it as the exclusive or primary posing contour in every bean bag shot that I do… and to top it off, I offer convenient digital training along with the purchase so that you will know how to set up your bean bag and backdrop and how to position the posing pillow.

Learn more about the training material

To start off with it is a series of pictures/diagrams with written explanations of several key steps that are needed in order to give you an amazing foundation for using this posing pillow or ANY other type of posing aid. Once you have followed the three simple initial steps, you will understand exactly how your beanbag and backdrop should be set up to achieve optimal results.

The next part of the training will show you 4 poses that I used the posing pillow in. You will see straight out of camera picture; a diagram showing the position of the posing pillow and other commodity posing aids (when needed); and a written explanation.

The training will truly be an “ah ha” moment for most because it will really lay down the foundation of what is needed for good posing and a GREAT looking backdrop and posing surface with necessary contours. If you feel like your bean bag and backdrop set up is less than ideal, the training will put you off on an absolutely amazing start. If you are a serious pro with no complaints about the way you are doing it, then the small cost should still be worthwhile to gain a peek at the way I do things.

The training also includes a video walk-through of bean-bag set up for those that learn better through video.

What does the posing pillow look like?

The posing pillow features one edge with an abrupt rise. The other edge is gradually faded out in a natural shape.

The posing pillow is used in conjunction with a standard bean bag as the primary or exclusive contour depending on the pose. I use it in every bean bag pose that I do. When two points of contour are needed (for certain poses) the examples will show how I use commodity items to achieve smaller levels of contour. The signature move of this posing pillow is giving you the beefy amount of contour that you desire that is smoothly transitioned out so there are no abrupt edges.

Inexpensive shipping is provided for most countries.

If you choose to purchase the posing pillow, you agree not to attempt to copy the design of the posing pillow. If you purchase digital training and examples, you agree not to share the training and examples with anyone else.

Special Notes

  • Recommended filling, which is locally obtainable, is sold separately
  • Limit of 1 per customer while supplies last
  • The posing pillow is designed to greatly enhance the posing surface of a standard newborn posing bean bag. The posing pillow will help to add dynamic contour to the top of a posing beanbag which is relatively flat. The posing pillow simply lays on top of a traditional bean bag to create desirable contour in key areas.