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Help Plan your Newborn Session

Do you want to help plan your photo session?

It is not necessary to answer any of these questions. I am completely capable of planning out your session from start to finish… and that is what the vast majority of my clients prefer and expect. However, the last thing that I want to do is exclude you from helping to plan your session, if you are so inclined to do so.

You might think that waiting until you arrive for your session would be the best time to relay your preferences… but that is simply not the case. I spend over an hour specifically selecting and preparing for each session. I do all of my preparation in advance so that when you arrive, the session will go smoothly and we can focus on getting amazing pictures during our time together.

Please feel free to answer any or all of these questions. Each piece of information will help me as I plan and prepare for your session.

What theme and colors are used in the Baby’s nursery:

Picture of nursery:

Do you want photographs that match the nursery?


What color is your main living area and your decorating style?


Do you prefer more of an organic/natural look, a more colorful look, or a mixture of both?


What images are you more drawn too when looking at my newborn photographs?

Posed on the bean bagPosed in a propParent ShotsSibling ShotsMinimal AccessoriesOther


Do you have anything that you would like to incorporate in your session? If so, it is very important to send details and pictures in advance so that I can plan ahead. Please Note: I advise against trying to bring your own wearable items for Baby. If you need to incorporate items for Baby to wear, I suggest working with an approved vendor who is experienced in making props for newborns (please inquire for details). I do recommend finding ways to commemorate important things in your life, such as service uniforms, horse saddles, etc.


Additional Picture:

I don’t recommend bringing baby clothes for the session. I already have prop clothing that we can use for the session. If you would like to bring your own prop clothing, please coordinate with me so that I can recommend some approved vendors for purchasing that. It is not possible to stay consistent with my style and incorporate standard store bought newborn outfits or hand made outfits that are not specifically and expertly sized and designed for using as a prop.

I understand

Please remember that no matter how much we plan ahead, during the session I will be responding to the cues of Baby and that may dictate some aspects of your session.

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