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What’s in my Bag?

I can’t recommend the camera highly enough. I have owned the 5d, 5d Mark II, and 5d Mark III. All of the cameras were revolutionary at their launch. The 5d Mark III auto focus system is simply superb. If you haven’t noticed already, I love having accurate focus! Another important feature for me is the dual memory card slots. I use dual memory slots to go ahead and create a backup copy of each shot as I take it. I’m not going to drag my description of the camera out… it is a pretty well known and standard selection for a high end DSLR camera… but I will go through my lens line-up to explain why I chose each lens and what I love using it for.

Link to 5d Mark III Body Only:…

I don’t see a compelling reason to choose a newer camera like the Canon 5DS over a 5d Mark III. The newer cameras sacrifice performance for a higher megapixel which I believe to be of little importance at this moment in time.

When there is room, I love to use my 85mm 1.2 for newborn floor shots and portraiture. The image quality, focus accuracy, bokeh, and just the beauty of the 85mm focal length make it one of my favorite lenses.

Canon 85mm 1.2 II L:…